Together We Will Fly*

I have a friend who is losing
his hearing in one ear.
I am losing sight in one eye.
I opined, “We have nothing to fear;
we can be one whole guy.”
I would trade you my good ear
for your good eye.
You would have two good ears
and I would have two good eyes.”
He opined, “Like a gunny sack race.
Two legs into one sack we would tie
and away we would fly.”
Always better at math than I,
he said, “Why trade ears and eyes?
Just leave it alone; together
we would have three good ears
and three good eyes.
That way we would really fly.”
“Yes,” said I, “We should leave well enough alone.
I would tell you when the gun went off
and you could point the way,
so we could win the race
and then hop all the way home.”

*appreciation to a friend for the image
of a gunny sack race.

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