The Only Ones There

An ethnic religious denomination
believes it has the answer for this nation.
The descendants of separatist Christians
say just leave to us the important decisions.

That they are inbreeders is a particular problem
resulting in a crazy desire to condemn.
So they look down their collective, parnoid nose
on everyone else as a danger to pose.

Their average churchgoer just isn’t in the know
while, ironically, their scholars write scholarly prose.
They live in a cult-like world all their own
believing they are the chosen for a heavenly home.

They see themselves as better than others
but their culture is one that just smothers.
As a result, they are dying on the vine
while thinking that they are better than fine.

On a tour of heaven, visitors are warned of a door to steer clear.
Those separatists think they are the only ones there.

1 thought on “The Only Ones There

  1. A great sorrow … that something with so much potential for good should be collapsing like last year’s Halloween pumpkin … I always felt, in those seminary years, and so on, that the West Michigan Dutch possessed considerable strengths, but also, because of their insularity and pride, the potential for disintegration. All heaven-bound, while creating hell on earth for millions.They seem unable to any longer think.

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