Out of Bounds Again

The Commander in Chief of the military
is playing golf and joking with a sumo
wrestler in Japan this Memorial Day
weekend instead of standing at attention
and saluting as the military guard places
a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown
Soldier, walking reverently among the
graves at Arlington Cemetery and saying
a few appropriate words as Commander,
about what an honor it is and a humbling
experience to memorialize the veterans
who put their lives on the line to defend
this country. Perhaps WWll veterans should
be asked about the visual and the timing
which appear to be on a par with seeing
the Donald in his golf shorts bending over
to pick up his golf ball from out-of-bounds,
a place he claims he has never been even
though we all know differently. Wasn’t the
Commander in Cheeks missing in action
last Veteran’s Day, too?

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