ever-ever land with apologies to peter pan

i wish my ever-ever land
were peter’s never-never land.
in never-never land
we were all a happy, childlike clan.
we played pirates all day in the sun, sea and sand.
we thought life was ever so grand.
but here in ever-ever land
the weather is always wet with very cold sand.
let’s all pray that in this cold, wet, damp land,
the sun would shine and warm sea and sand.
after all it is just about june
in this ever wet, ever cold, ever damp, ever-ever land.

1 thought on “ever-ever land with apologies to peter pan

  1. All week the suns shines in San Antonio, 90 degrees and now and then a brief shower warers the carpets of Bluebonnets, Mexican blankets and lovely yellow cactus blooms.Visit paradise next April or May!

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