Ironically, Leviathan Starves Itself

While the 99 percent is flensed
like a whale shorn of blubber,
he watches and stands
as lobbyists for
the one percent of one percent
stroke the hired hands
who flense
the 99 percent
on behalf of that
one percent of one percent.

It all seems so futile
how economics greedily
follows greed
and politics is reduced
to pompous screed
containing lies
uttered unctuously —
so at least 40 percent
of the 99 percent
listen gleefully
and think they are on
the verge of being freed
of encroaching minorities
and a corrupt bureaucracy —

all for the purpose of
slaking the unquenchable thirst
and unsatisfiable hunger
of the once blubbery leviathan
who, ironically, flenses itself
while consuming tons and tons
of plastic debris
floating in the soon-to-be
unswimmable sea
of a once healthy

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