The High Société Lab

The Chocolate Lab lay
on the hardwood floor;
she scrambled to her feet
barking, “I’m so bored.”

She looked around
as if a hound of high société
asking, “Isn’t there another hound
with whom I might play?”

Alas, no other hounds to be found,
she jumped on the stuffed chair
looked all around
and sighed in a snobbish air,

as if to say, “I’ll not die
on that hardwood floor.
On this throne-like chair I’ll lie.”
The girl soon let out an unladylike snore.

Soon from that throne-like chair,
a few more rude sounds
drifted toward the air,
sounds not in polite society to be found.

It’s good the girl slept
while emitting such flatulence.
for if she knew from her such sounds crept
her embarrassment would be immense.

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