The Man Truly Believes

The man truly believes that the culture is
becoming more and more rude, impatient,

angry, fearful, resentful and ultimately
more violent and he feels caught up and

allowing himself to be brought down in
all the negativity and hostility. He even

has to read his three morning meditations
over a couple of times because his mind

wanders off in negative directions and he
thinks he knows the reasons why all this

is happening, which seem pretty obvious
but he will let the sociologists give a

defining critique of the era. He then
stopped his car just short of the biking/

hiking/walking lane at the intersection,
as a cyclist rode through, waved and said

thanks. He just sat there for a minuscule
moment (in what later he thought had

been a near catatonic state of gratitude)
taking it in and giving thanks for that

solitary cyclist until the guy behind him
in a big Beemer blew the horn jarring the

man…back to the future.

1 thought on “The Man Truly Believes

  1. Good stuff Mr. Dahl … very good stuff … and how emblematic of the age, you stop to ponder, and let a cyclist have his space, and then the Beemer Guy, likely on his way to a prayer meeting (Ain’t Jesus wonderful) or to see his stock broker (Ain’t Trump wonderful) … lets you know that time, at least his time, is money.

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