Someone Asked

Someone asked the progressive,
missionary-theologian, scholar
of world religions, “How can you
maintain credentials in a specific
Protestant denomination when
your understanding of faith is
inclusive and universal?” His
answer, “You have to have some-
where to hang your hat.” And so,
in a similar vein, if someone
asked me where I would come down
in faith, I would say, “You have
to have a metaphor on which to
hang your faith. The name Jesus
is mine.” And as someone furthered
the image — Jesus, the window
through which we see God. Further
— there are many windows to eternity
but you can only open one at a time.
Further — there are many gates to
the garden. Ditto and as the King
of Siam was given to say, “Etcetera,
etcetera, etcetera.”

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