I’m Told

I’m told by theologians that the goal is unitive
thinking but I’m told by scientists that I am an
inveterately fragmented soul in constant con-

versation with all of my different selves —
working things through, ruminating, exploring,
deciding, imagining. As a child, I had an invisible

friend named Joey. I had wonderful conversations
with Joey. He would come to visit me through the
window of my bedroom and sometimes he stayed

in my closet but came out to play when I called him.
Sometimes I would talk out loud to Joey and my
mother would hear me and ask who I was talking

to and I would simply say Joey. It turns out I was
talking to myself. For years I have had conversations
with my deceased wife, not long ones, short and

usually accompanied by tears. Talking to myself
again. And then there is the whole prayer thing.
Hmmm. When I read about all these internal

conversations, I thought, From talking to myself
to pen on paper poetic outpouring.

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