Jet Setters Just Kill Me*

The super-rich buy Teslas
because they are expensive
and cool looking, probably
not because they are clean
transportation. Why would
that be? Because they in-
dulge every opportunity to
throw the big, expensive
polluters in the face of all
others — they pollute the
seas with super-yachts,
the air with personal, super-
jets and the roads with
super-vehicles. Why do
they do it? Because they
can and they have the
money to flaunt it like the
biggest male Moose flaunts
his prowess during the rut —
the difference being that
the big, male Moose is just
trying to procreate while
the super-rich are trying
to desecrate.

*idea from an article on the
gratuitous polluting habits
of the wealthiest humans.

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