Videos of angry blacks on blacks proliferate
on the internet. Who puts these out? It says
legitimate news outlets. Really? Can we trust

what it says? Newsworthy? Seriously? To what
benefit? To the benefit of whom? A white man
sits in his privilege and admits to himself that

he is a frightened and angry man. He doesn’t
know many people in this culture, regardless of
privilege, who aren’t. What if he didn’t sit in

his privilege? What if he were black and sat in
the middle of impoverishment boxed in by systemic
and endemic circumstances that wouldn’t allow him

to be privileged. He wonders how angry he would
he be and it scares him to think about it. How
angry would anyone be? How angry is a she-bear

when her cubs are threatened? How angry would
any person be when his or her dignity as a human
being is mocked by angry people of another eth-

nicity? And yet, and yet, videos of blacks on
blacks proliferate on the internet. To what
purpose? Who has the privilege and power to

post these? Maybe we should ask our Federal
Administration for the truth about what is
going on. Seriously?

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