Lessons From the Animals About Being Human

Yuck. Yuck to men.
Men are pigs. I hadn’t
Thought that until,
Over the last year,

Hearing testimonies
About the boorish
Behavior of men. I
See the president and

I start hearing Oink,
Oink. And then I
Think about how
Smart pigs are and

How if you could teach
Them to be house
Trained, what good
Housepets they

Would make and
Then I was sorry
That I equated men
To pigs especially

The president. It
Was an insult —
To the pigs. And
Then I think about

My buddies, men
All, I have known
Over the years, and
How I know they

All are respectful
Of women and
Are as disgusted
As I am about

What we hear and
While many of us
Have had duffusy
male and smart as

A whip female dogs
As pets, none of us
Would ever use that
Derogatory term —

A dog — for a human
Female, because we
Have respect for
Women. And in part

Out of respect for
The pets we love.
There is nothing
Derogatory about

Being a dog. Our
Dogs are so good
At loving us un-
Conditionally, in

Spite, of ourselves
Much like the human
Females who love us
In spite of ourselves —

Helping us to know
Equality, sorority,
Fraternity, sister-
Hood, brotherhood —

Human-hood and how
We need to repent,
Get in step or step
Aside, get on board

Or run the risk of
Getting run over
As the #MeToo train
Comes rumblin’

Unconditional has its
Limits as those
Duffusy boys of ours
Were smart enough
To let us know

When they met our
Super-smart girl —

1 thought on “Lessons From the Animals About Being Human

  1. Terrific piece … thanks … though now we’re still stuck with what to call the man … maybe cockroach is workable … with apologies to cockroaches who have their own proper environmental niche, and are hardy and ancient.

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