He Can Steal Just About Anything Maybe Even Grief

He can steal just about anything but it is next to impossible
to steal someone’s grief except this man who has absolutely
no shame tries to steal even that most sacred and personal
and private of all experiences by telling audiences that he was

there, right there, with the first responders even though he
demurred by saying he wasn’t a first responder but that he was
there, right there with the brave, with the grieving, with the
horrified, with all those who were in shock. Yes, he said, he was

there and by now, if we know anything, it is that this liar wasn’t
near there. Probably, he was playing golf at one of his resorts
and now, we, even the sixty-million cult followers know that
he wasn’t there even if they don’t care and continue to believe

that this liar is ordained by God to lead the white people from
future captivity to black, brown, yellow and red people into
the new/old America which will be great again. You can trust
him because he has told us that he was there, right there in

all the dust, the chemicals, the pollutants, the carcinogens…
all the stuff that is killing the first responders except him, the
guy who was there with all those brave souls but who, because
of really good genes, is able to endure and withstand the stuff

that is killing everybody else, sure, the guy who was there
and is now, according to the wild-haired physician guy who now
claims that his office was raided by the president’s goon, the
healthiest president ever in the history of our country in spite

of the fact that he braved the planes that struck the twin towers.
Yeah, for sure, you can trust that, absolutely, for sure. No doubt.

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