Name It!!!

Right-wing mass murders are now de rigueur in the US.
We knew this would start; we knew this would happen.

This white suspect/alleged mass murderer at a Walmart in El Paso is a big Trump supporter.

He went from Dallas to El Paso to kill black and brown people.
Where to go to get the most? Walmart on a Saturday morning near the border.
Twenty dead; 26 wounded.

Everybody on the TV is cautious (Are they worried about their jobs?).
Nobody wants to name it for what it is.

We need to call it for what it is, name it: hate, hate, hate unleashed/enabled/endorsed
by our racist (and so many more descriptions) Donald Trump!!! He now tweets,
“God be with you all.” Really? This guy, this malevolent narcissist, who doesn’t
care about anybody but himself?

May God damn you, Donald Trump, and then in God’s ultimate, unconditional love,
convert you to be the child of God you were intended to be.

Let it be. Please, let it be.

The Devil (metaphorically speaking) ultimately will not win, but Evil is
wreaking incredible havoc on our delicate, fragile representative democracy.

Join a peaceful march/protest!!! Beat the Devil with Love.

Follow Jesus, follow the Buddha, follow Lao Tzu, follow Martin Luther King, Jr.,
follow Gandhi, FOLLOW LOVE.

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