“Well, I’ve had it,” he said
After fretting all day about
The terrorist attacks in
El Paso, Texas and Dayton,

Ohio and he emphasizes
That both were terrorist
Attacks. #1. They created
Terror and #2. They were

Mass shootings by young
White guys against black
And brown people. “This
Isn’t rocket science,” he

Says revealing himself to
Be someone whose hay-
Day was the Sixties. So
He’s looking forward to

Masterpiece Mystery
On a summer Sunday
Evening having some
Bourbon and then in

The morning thinking
A bit more about being
A privileged, old, white
Guy with his heart in the

Right place which actually
Is the left place, except
That because he is the age
He is, people make all the

Wrong assumptions about
Him. As a retiree, he feels
Almost as comfortable as
Republican Senators who

Spend most of their time
On break, like right now,
And then send their staff
Out to fundraise when

Those senators are back in
Washington having a few
Martinis over lunch. As his
B-i-l ended a recent e-mail,

“Meh,” revealing his b-i-l
To be a 90’s kind of guy
Which the 60’s kind of guy
Had to Google to find out.

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