We Are All Going Crazy

We are all going crazy with this
guy in the Oval Office. Seriously,
it is a fact that we need a
leader, a truly benevolent,
compassionate, empathic
person who will bring
unity, peace and love,
uphold the Constitution,
obey the law, deflect
praise, lift up others,
be humble, self-
ing, self-confident,
not pride-filled,
have a genuine
sense of humor,
be a secular
good shepherd(ess),
enabling a noble
spirit among
citizens and
then there is
what we have
and we are
all going

This is really, really serious — serious
for us — individuals, families,
communities, villages,
towns, townships,
counties, cities,
states — the

People, legislators keep saying,
in reference to the occupant
of the Oval Office, that they
hope he will change. He will
not change, cannot change. He
is incapable of self-reflection
or self-criticism. Please
stop being political and
saying that you hope he
will change. It’s a sick-
ness: he cannot change.
We are going crazy and
we need to do the only
thing that can be
done — VOTE HIM
and save our

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