He drove along each lane at the local
state park. He and his wife often do
this because they are campers and
like looking at the rigs, tents, etc.

and occasionally chatting with campers.
This time he was alone. A woman sat
next to a big motorhome and strapped
a brace to her knee. He slowed the car

to a stop and called to the woman who
walked up to the car. He wanted to tell
her about his stem cell treatment for
his knees. She had a story of her own.

She was having trouble with her knee
because the prosthesis below the knee
on the other leg caused her to put too
much pressure on the other leg causing

knee pain. She lost the lower leg in an
auto accident thirty-five years ago. She
then told him that she was widowed
twice, her second husband just having

died a few months prior. He said that
he and his wife were both widowed also.
She saw him looking at the thirty-five
foot motorhome and said, “Yup. Don’t

look for a man. I drive it all by myself.”
A voice came from the next campsite,
“Ingrid, we are heading to the party
store. Do you want anything?” “Hold

on, I’m coming along. I gotta go. Nice
chatting with ya, mister. Keep looking
up.” As she walked off, he called after
her, “Ingrid, Thanks for the inspiration.”

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