Masochistic, Cult Follower

The speaker saw who he thought was
a protester and in front of his rally
called out the man insulting him, fat

shaming him about his size, trying to
humiliate the man, but it turns out the
man is a dedicated supporter of the

speaker and didn’t feel humiliated at all.
In spite of the speaker’s behavior, regard-
less of whether the target was accurate,

the man, apparently unable to see and
understand the cruel buffoonery of the
speaker and what said behavior says

about the decency of the speaker, said
that the speaker is the best thing that has
ever happened to the country. And that just

might be the definition of a masochistic, and
not very discerning, cult follower who also
probably does need to lose some weight,

but isn’t that really beside the point and
his business and not ours and certainly
not the speaker’s?

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