It’s All Hypothetical

The Beater of Guns into Tools said
that guns have one purpose: to kill,
thus creating a dilemma in the mind

of the man. He doesn’t own a gun.
The only gun he ever owned was
a BB gun which a playmate grabbed

and chased him around the basement
shooting at him and almost putting
his eye out. He once killed a mouse

in a garbage can with the BB gun.
He doesn’t know whatever happened
to the BB gun, however, even though

the man doesn’t own a gun and sees
a need for strict gun control and an
assault rifle ban via legislation

and doesn’t think that the Second
Amendment is about gun ownership
but rather is about the establishment

of state militias, which is what the
National Guard is, if he were to go
backpacking in the Rocky Mountains

he would prefer to have a gun with
him rather than bear spray, but even
then, he may not know how effective

bear spray is when used properly, and
if it is highly effective and his life and
the life of the bear can be saved, well,

that’s certainly something to consider.
It’s all hypothetical  though, because
he’s too old to go backpacking anyway.

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