The Counselor Told the Man

The counselor told the man years
ago that the man couldn’t have it
both ways — the man couldn’t
proclaim social justice and need

approval. It would eventually kill
him. The man thought about it
and made a choice. That was
exactly right; that was fifty years

ago and the man, at seventy-
four, is still learning and still con-
fronting and still being rejected by
those who don’t want to be con-

fronted, but the man still can’t help
himself and can’t stop confronting
injustice as he sees it, and no longer
needs peoples’ approval which was

the original concern; in fact, the man
needs approval almost not at all and
he doesn’t do the confrontation out
of spite but just because the need

for social justice happens to keep
happening, but he keeps asking
whether or not he is doing it all
with love. The man then thought

about what his late wife once told
him: he would never have an ulcer;
he would just give them to others.
He has thought a lot about that also.

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