Comfortable With Change

He sat at his desk in the late afternoon
considering the yearly physical he had
earlier in the day. Everything was pretty
much okay. No need for additional meds;
just one more blood test. His primary is
new, his former primary having retired.
He misses his former primary; that physician
took time to chat — just took time. He knew
the former primary cared, cared about him
as a person. The new primary is all business,
brief, to the point. He likes that, too. He said
to the new primary, “I’d like to have ten more
years. That would be about average for my
family. Would you help me with that?” “I’ll do
my best.” As he left the office after the visit,
he thought to himself, The new guy will keep
his word. He will do his best. That’s really nice
and feels really good.

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