The Occupant and His Pet Bird

The pretend head of the free world,
who loves caging innocent children
and separating them from their
parents, is now handing out death
sentences to innocent, legal,
juvenile residents of the United
States who are here for treat-
ment of dire medical conditions
without which they will die by
kicking them out of the country
posthaste — a diabolical plan
undoubtedly hatched by the occu-
pant’s devilish pet, a bird — the
Bald Miller, a rare, six-foot, flight-
less Aves with a zero-chambered
heart and a sadistic bird brain.
Why couldn’t the occupant have
a pet dog like the Clintons’ sweet
Chocolate Labrador Retriever
“Buddy” or the Obamas’ beautiful
Portuguese Water Dog “Bo”? Un-
fortunately, if this occupant had
a dog, it would be a rabid pit bull.
They say pet dogs reflect their
adopter’s personality.

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