A Hackneyed Phrase

For some unbeknownst reason…
“The day dawned” is a phrase
that keeps popping into his head.
It’s hackneyed and ever so trite.
He might…
just as well have written,
“The dawn of the dead,” instead,
but as trite as it is,
it is…
what happens every day.
He couldn’t very well say,
“The day set,”
when it was dawning
or “The day dawned,”
when it had set.
And so he glanced at the clock
and it was “the noon hour,”
and decided he wouldn’t cower,
but would start the poem
with just such a phrase
and let the readers curse him
with faint praise
for writing a hackneyed phrase.

1 thought on “A Hackneyed Phrase

  1. Better than rising at the crack of Dawn, she was a good ole gal.
    I knew her, Horatio.
    But then again, you would never write anything so crass.
    How about,
    Dawn caressed the horizon to embrace yet another hackneyed day
    I watched, sipped a hot, brandied tea
    and sighed
    at the triteness of it all.

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