The Needle’s Eye

Did Theseus have the
thread that ran so true —
about which one
would never rue?
Princess Ariadne gave
him the thread to use
as he traveled the labyrinth,
killed the Minotaur, then flew
back, navigating halls and halls
to travel through.
For Jesse Stuart, teaching was
the “The needle’s eye that does supply,
the thread that runs so true….”
Theseus was the needle’s eye,
the teacher who showed the way
the labyrinthine life through —
so true no student would ever rue.
And so we face our Minotaurs
along life’s labyrinthine way.
We fight the inside and outside wars
and by grace, with the help
of the thread that runs so true
and the needle’s eye
of teachers along the way,
such a life, we will never rue.

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