Per and the Dala Horse and Granddaughter Zoe

My wife Chris had the idea to give my wooden Swedish horse to our granddaughter Zoe for her ninth birthday and I thought that was a marvelous idea except that Zoe might not.

Why? It isn’t new and it has a broken mane. Well, the toy horse is about 65 to 70 years old, my having received it as a gift from relatives in Sweden somewhere between my 5th and 10th birthdays.

Chris found a wonderful book with beautiful illustrations called Per and the Dala Horse to go with the toy horse.

It is an absolutely beautiful book and the story takes place in Dalarna, the province my father came from. Apparently, the Dala horse is unique to the Provence of Dalarna. This is too good.

Also, in the story, the Dala horse is scratched after it saves the day and is later given
to the boy’s son, a point our daughter may wish to make with Zoe, who will be receiving
an imperfect horse.

Also, in the story, the minister’s name is Gustav (Which was my father’s name). And I’m a retired minister.


It all seems to fit,
if uncanny a bit.

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