Death Deniers

There are multitudes of death deniers,
any mention of which would raise their ire.
I have conservative, religious death-denying relatives
who affirm that everlastingly they will live.
But they aren’t really talking about heaven;
they are speaking of seventy-times seven
(never about forgiveness) lived out here on earth
offering that it really hadn’t been that long since their birth.
But when it approached, they were surprised
that it was about to be the end of their earthly lives.
It turns out that the average life-span
is around eighty-five for my particular clan.
Never a death denier, I’m almost seventy-five,
and I just asked my primary, for ten more years, to help keep me alive.
If it happens, I trust and hope I will be satisfied.
If it happens before,
I hope I will not have been found hoping for more.
And, of course, we shall see;
till then I’m not anxious to stay or to leave,
just trust and believe.

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