Gone in Seven Seconds

A transgender female is torched
to death in her car.
How many killed so far?
Young people in the US to save their lives are
told to go home
and not around America to roam —
They hear,
“This ain’t your home!”
Hate crimes rise higher and higher and go lower and lower.
Fear and hate and violence are unleashed
on the streets
which used to be just mean
and now are obscene.
And the crazy man at the helm of the sinking ship
just tries to flip
another deal
and make more money
to steal
from the taxpayers
and his sixty-three million deplorables
think he is adorable
and the Republican, evangelical whites
think he is Cyrus,
appointed by God to save the unborn babies
and free whites
from their unfounded frights,
and the one-percent of one-percenters
hedge their bets that
the crazy man
will continue
to grease the palms of their hands
with tax cuts
and we are all going nuts
knowing he doesn’t have
the keys to the kingdom
but to that which will
blow us all to kingdom come
in just seven seconds.

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