The Boogie-Man, the Cancer-Man and the Flimflam Man

Our government is to promote the common
welfare as well as provide for the common
defense, but the funding is so out of line
for defense, the welfare is totally sidelined.
Gazillions go to protect us from the boogie-man
but there is hardly any funding to eliminate the scary cancer-man.
And so, so many things have not changed
from the estate of Jefferson’s slaves en-chain-ed
to all the obfuscating of fat, old, white men
who haven’t practiced legitimate law since way back when,
maybe back before the slave stands.
And now fat, old, white men obfuscate again and again
trying to keep the welfare of the country
from being promoted time and time again
from the time of Washington and Jefferson
to our time again and again
and it is now our time to stand against the flimflam man
who couldn’t care less about research to eliminate the scary cancer-man
while he keeps trying to scare us about the boogie-man.

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