You Are What You Eat/Ouch!

So now I find out, (Ouch!), that pesticides and herbicides
might be causing my inadvertent, unintentional suicide.
By consuming big farm fruit, vegetables and grains,
and, by derivative, the animals who consume the vegetables, grains
and the vegetable and grain
which is called corn on these farms
I, and everyone else, have cause for alarm.
From birth defects to hormonal imbalance to arthritic inflammation,
these farm products’ producers are more than culpable and to blame.
So, it’s small, organic farm products for me
listening to Wendell Berry,
the Dandelion Guy, the environmental advocate
and writer of prize-winning poetry.
Go small, go healthy, go organic;
I know my joints heartily approve and endorse it
and I definitely agree.


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