Thinking And Thinking About Love And Loving the Mystery

If “I think therefore
I am” is what I am,
and God is love,
how do I know
if I am loved?
Do I just think it?
Is thinking love
or just thinking
about love?
Does God think,
therefore God is
what God thinks
or is God love
and thinking
and therefore
the Love that
allows me to
think and love
and think about
that love and that
I am loved and that
I am love and that
helps me think about
what Jesus said —
that I am to love?
I think so. René
Descartes, the
thinker, might have
been proud. I’m not
so sure about God,
the Lover. God might
say, “Oye Veh, it’s
all a mystery and
I love you anyway.
Think about that.”

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