You Can Always Get Out Of It

You can always get out of it by saying what
the culture says is quite enough of an apology,
“I apologize.” That is what you could say in
everyday circumstances such as when you
bump into someone in a line. You might even
toss off a quick, “Hey, sorry,” and go on your
way.  However, when having seriously offend-
ed (sinned against) someone, an “apology” is
not quite sufficient. An “I’m sorry,” a sincere,
heartfelt, “I’m sorry,” is bare minimum followed
by the requisite “Please forgive me.” Now, we
are talking confession (No shortcuts here, please.)
and request for forgiveness — or as the commercial
says, “Heaven,” oh, yeah, de sine qua non, de
fait de accompli
or as a theologian might coin it,

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