A Young Whitetail

I know it is a cliche conjuring images
of The Night Before Christmas, but
there is a reason there was a Dancer
and a Prancer; it is because to our minds
deer dance and prance, hop, skip and
jump just like the young whitetail did
this morning. Yes, a young whitetail
just danced and pranced… entering my
field of vision from east to west down
the street. Is a runner coming by? No,
goodness, it’s a whitetail dear dancing
and prancing. She (Why am I thinking she?)
hopped, skipped and jumped revealing an
exuberance. She stopped just before leaving
my field of vision, looked both ways as
if expecting traffic and then “pranced” on.
Where was her family — mom, dad, brothers,
sisters? Was she taking those first steps
toward independence? Was she having fun
or was she frightened or both? She gave
me the gift of her unexpected Saturday
morning presence and for a moment as I sat
looking out the window in my chair behind
my desk, my heart danced and pranced with her.

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