I Railed

I railed against him.
He opened the car door
and his dog, a young,
playful Vizsla charged
my Chocolate Lab
on a leash. I held on
tight. “Hey, your
dog is upsetting my
dog and there is a
leash law.” “That’s
your dog’s problem,”
he said and just kept
moving on down the
trail. And so I railed
against him.

I railed against him.
The guy behind me
inline asked if I were
inline and then told
me, bruskly, to move up so
some cashier somewhere
would see me and
wait on me so the
guy behind me could then
be waited on. I let him
go ahead of me. He
went to the counter
and no cashier appeared.
I told him maybe he
was invisible and that
I actually hoped that
he was because he
was a rude, obnoxious
slob. I railed against

And what has it gotten
me? Bad memories and
elevated blood pressure.

So, maybe it’s time
for me to shut up
before I get killed,
reflecting on it from the
viewpoint of enlightened

And even better, maybe
it’s time to look at the
Christ within each obnoxious,
rude Neanderthal and
suffer fools gladly —
including myself.

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