Bills Upon Bills Upon Bills

Bills upon bills upon bills are sent from the
House to the Senate and the Senate majority
leader refuses to bring them before the Senate.

He spends all his time reshaping the Judiciary
so the privileged, rich and powerful remain
privileged, rich and powerful and some swing

voter in Youngstown, Ohio says that the House
should drop this impeachment stuff which is
taking up so much time and the House should

start doing the work that will benefit the country
and he says he is going to vote for Trump again.
Okay, what is it going to take — every Democratic

US House member shouting from the roof of the
House, “Look, look, look, we’ve sent bill after bill
after bill only to be buried by Moscow Mitch”?

“Makin’ Tons of Money” Mitch the Turtle crawls
into his shell until it is safe to crawl back out and
mumbles “Quid Pro Quo is a no show. Go, Trump, Go!”

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