Poems and Puns #4 Staying Positive

Hilda, the best church office
manager ever, noticed that the
pastor seemed depressed, so,

having a compassionate side,
she asked the pastor what was
wrong. The pastor, the first

woman to serve the congreg-
ation, said she was being
criticized as a woman in the

pulpit. Hilda, who knew
prejudice against women in
leadership, said she found

the pastor’s preaching in-
spiring, electrifying and
charged with positive vibes,

so she told the pastor that
she had a pun to lift her
spirits: Two hydrogen atoms

meet. One says, “I’ve lost
my electron.” The other says
“Are you sure?” The first re-

plies, “Yes, I’m positive.”
The pastor smiled and then
laughed, gave Hilda a hug

and said, “I’ll try to stay
positive, Hilda. Thanks for
being there for me.” Hilda

said, “Sure. That’s my call-
ing, Rev.”

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