Poems and Puns #1 Carry-Ons

So there they sat in the waiting
area of the terminal when their
number was called to get in line

to board the plane. They rolled
their carry-ons with them, both
pieces of luggage having been

accepted. They were glad not to
have to go to the luggage claim
area upon arrival because time

was short for his wife to get to an
incredibly important meeting upon
which her future employment de-

pended. Her carry on was then
rejected as too big and would
have to be checked. When they

got to their seats, she sat sullen
and despondent at the prospect
of losing her position with the

company and to make her feel
better her husband told her a pun:
A vulture boards an airplane, carry-

ing two dead raccoons. The steward-
ess looks at him and says, “I’m
sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed

per passenger.” His wife wiped
her eyes, ordered two shot sized
bottles of bourbon and stared daggers

at her husband with what he was
sure were raccoon eyes. He sat
back in his seat assuming that
hadn’t been helpful.

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