The Price of Dinner and Haute Culture

They sat at the nearby, winter rate
beachside restaurant bar enjoying a

split of the Friday evening special of a
New York Strip done medium rare, tilting

toward rare, with a Caesar salad and
mashed potatoes with real bacon and

green onions for ten bucks and glasses
of wine for three bucks, questioning if

this is the place they really want to spend
their winter months where there apparently

are few of the cultural activities they are
used to enjoying and then they looked at

each other and he said, “A really good New
York Strip for ten bucks and pretty good

wine for three bucks and Wednesday’s
special of shrimp scampi and chicken

Parmesan for eight bucks and two-dollar
glasses of wine, I think we can find the

symphony, the ballet, the theater and an
art exhibit or two on PBS, darling, and,

darling, one more thing, the price for
cable is included in the rent.”

1 thought on “The Price of Dinner and Haute Culture

  1. The Mobile symphony is only about an hour away, and there are several nice art museums in Pensacola. There are some nice high-end restaurants there as well. The Orange Beach art museum is one of the nicest regional museums I’ve ever visited, plus they have a glass-blowing shop that operates nearly every weekday.

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