The Richness and Cleverness of One Sentence

In a writer’s biography, the man read the following lines,
the first of which he thought was just wonderful: [Her father]
adored his family and radiated charm, but never radiated much
cash. He worshiped intellect and religion, and cherished a
dream of being a writer.
The father radiated charm but
never radiated much cash. What a great sentence. The man
wondered if the father was derelict in his duties or just a
romantic who loved language through and through — a
modern-day Don Quixote defending the honor of the mythic
Dulcinea — a metaphor for literature — or perhaps a bit of
both. He adored, he radiated, he worshiped, he cherished,
he dreamed. Apparently, while he didn’t generate a lot of hard,
cold cash, he plumed the great and rich veins of a passionate
life. And apparently, there were no hard feelings between father
and daughter because she fulfilled his dream by becoming a
writer of estimable esteem.

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