They Say He Sniffs Out the Weaknesses

They say he sniffs out his opponents’
weaknesses like it is some kind of

compliment for an unusual ability.
That’s like saying a Chocolate Lab

has the incredible ability to sniff out
disgusting things along the sidewalk

to eat. How hard is it to sniff out
the desire for fame and fortune?

Duh. So he got power through
election and now he sniffs out

the desire of so many of elected
officials’ addiction to fame and

fortune and finds a way to call in
those cards and keep them real

close to him and beholden to him
and, basically, they have sold their

soul to him for fame and fortune.
Duh. Didn’t Faust do something

like this at the instruction of the
Devil who is really good at sniffing

out weaknesses? Is that really all
that hard?

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