The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

For forty years, there has been an unholy
collusion between the wealthy and our

government to stack the tax deck for the
wealthy and against the vast majority of

Americans and sell it as great capitalism
vs. evil socialism which has resulted in-

evitably in the election of a wannabe
demagogue who promises the world

to the disenfranchised who are looking
for a savior and promises more tax breaks

for the now super-rich and, and, and
that’s why all kinds of horrible things are

happening every day from the dramatic
increase in mass murders to domestic

terrorism to road rage to domestic
violence to addiction epidemics to

hate crimes, to — well, just name it
and you would be correct. And, oh,

yeah, the deterioration of a democratic
republic into totalitarian fascism or

worse, and not to be alarmist, but,
holy cow, is that even possible? Yeah.

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