She Sat in the Balcony

She sat in the balcony watching
others singing her songs. She

was honored with a Kennedy
Center Honors award. As the

singers belted out “You’re No
Good,” and “I’ve Been Cheated,”

she teared and cheered and
he was taken back to a trip to

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
and a visit to a bar late at

night in a section of town
the tourists were instructed

to avoid. Well, he made it to
the bar without incident, and

he sat watching the celebrity
love of his life — Linda — on

the big screen. He left the bar
made it back to the hotel and

when his wife asked where
he had been, he said, “Oh,

just shacking up with the
only other love of my life.”

His wife rolled over and
went back to sleep.

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