Someone Asked

Someone asked why the Republican
legislators stay with Trump in spite of
the fact that, in private, many say (or

did say, when it was more advantage-
ous to be honest) that the Occupant
is despicable and the answer is that

they love the sixty-million cult follow-
ers of the Occupant and look to them
to secure for posterity the future of our

democracy. Kidding. Those legislators,
sworn to protect the Constitution of
the United States, just want reelection

and a lot more money — a whole lot
more money. Actually, it is all about
the money for them (and some about

just about the cushiest job to be had)
not the economy in general, as previous-
ly stated by a Democratic strategist, “It’s

the economy, stupid.” Actually, it’s about
legislators’ pocketbooks, and I’m not go-
ing to insult you by calling you stupid

because I don’t think you are even though
the Republicans look down on the sixty-
million and think they are really stupid.

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