Standing Strong

He watched G.K. Chesterton’s priest
and was humbled by a true priest for
peace who kept intercepting violence

from the police and criminals and never
lost sight of his goal of serving Jesus
and even though this was a fictional

program it humbled him because he
knows he hasn’t met the standard and
while he repents, he also is embolden-

ed to keep the faith and is humbled in
the thought that he and his wife joined
a witness for peace at a very busy inter-

section and afterward he thought that
they, very well, in this hyper-violent
society, might, very well, have been

mowed down by a drive-by shooter and
it alarmed him and he talked with his
wife about it and they decided that a

threat would not keep them from stand-
ing strong for peace and he was humbled
by his wife’s courage and dedication.

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