Poems and Puns #12 Christmas Caroling and Halloween

The woman’s junior high daughter came
home from church crying. The woman asked
her daughter what was wrong. The daughter

really wanted to go caroling with the
senior high school church school class,
but the junior high students weren’t in-

vited. Wanting her daughter to feel better,
she said, “Darling, don’t feel so bad.
There have been other junior high students

who didn’t get to do what the senior
high students did.” And with that, she
told her daughter the following pun:

Every fall around Halloween, the senior
high youth group from Froggie Presbyterian
Church went on a horseback ride. The Junior

high frogs couldn’t go because they couldn’t
jump high enough to get on the horses.
So they practiced and practiced jumping.

You might say that every fall they hop
for dapples. And with that, her daughter
groaned and turned to her I-Phone.

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