Happy New Year, Undocumented Workers

The company cut loose the undocumented,
but not before the year ended and was cemented,
so the company would get the most
before telling the workers they were toast.
Milk it for what to them the workers were worth
and then toss the workers out into the dirt.
They were fired without company vexation
and now they will face cruel deportation.
Our adopted dog was treated better.
A breeder female, she created litters
and at the (human’s 54) age six
she was given a merciful fix.
Lab rescue took her and then called
and seeing her, we were enthralled.
We have come to love the girl with wavy brown hair
and she audaciously claims the most cushiony chair.
It could be said the demagogue
treats immigrants like dogs
when, in fact, he treats them worse
abandoning them to a draconian system
with a flippant, “Toss them away,” curse.

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