He has made the following
(yada, yada, yada)
to his following
and he never follows
up on the promises
and his following follows
him to all the following
(yada, yada, yada)
dead ends, no exits and
“Do you really think I
would ever invite you
to Mar-a-lago?”
and they just continue
to follow.

*I have spent an inordinate
amount of time writing poetry
about the Occupant of the
White House. I think I do this
not because he is the “other,”
the “alien,” (no pun intended)
and so very different and there-
fore fascinating, but, just the
opposite, because he is such a
glaring example of the worst of
what we are. He is our dark-side
writ large and I think I am explor-
ing us more than him with a warn-
ing sign posted on everyone of
my posts.  And then there is the
whole cult following thing…a part-
icularly disturbing phenomenon
reminiscent most recently of Hitler
and Nazism.

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