He Said He Could and Now He Has — We Don’t Call It Out Soon Enough And, Often, Then, It Is Too Late

He said he could stand on 5th Ave.
and shoot a gun and no one would
stop him, well, he has now done
it twice in the Middle East killing

twice and no one has stopped
him and his newfound power is
an aphrodisiac and he is high on
adrenaline and emboldened to

flaunt the law and ignore the
Constitution he knows nothing
about and do whatever he wants,
when he wants and will dictate

what he will do with impunity
via his tweets and we have a
malevolent narcissist Occu-
pant surrounded by sick

sycophants and demoniacs
and there is no one to stop him
from doing whatever he wants
to do as impulse would dictate.

Do you think the lapdog legis-
lators will stop him? They
are in control but in cahoots
because all they want is power

and money and reelection to
the cushiest job imaginable as
our democracy slips away while
we sip our soma, stare blankly

into space and at our TVs and
phones and wander into a fascist
regime and human servility and
bondage to an imbecilic king.

And there will be blowback.

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