The Desperation State

Rightwing, white, evangelical Christianity is desperate and has found a foil in Trump to advance its last-ditch, reactionary, racist agenda.

This isn’t about a simplistic, ethically shallow, either/or notion of abortion (Who relishes abortion? It’s complicated); that’s just a front so evangelicals can tout moral indignation and ethical righteousness while advancing their fear-based agenda.

Projection is a reality and the rightwing talks about the “Deep State.” There is no Deep State, but there is the Desperation State that wants to take over America and return it to the imaginary white, halcyon days of Ozzie and Harriet, Father Knows Best and the Brady Bunch.

We need to do our due diligence and vote the whole bunch out and quit giving a voice to the fear-mongering of white evangelical Christians. The second Tuesday in November can’t come soon enough.

I just hope we don’t get into a huge blowback situation that will escalate into another horrendous, avoidable war resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of lives of God’s children, including two of our own who are in the military.

Where is sanity?

We Americans are smug because there isn’t a nuclear bomb that can reach our shores — but such a day is right around the corner.

If we as a nation can’t be proactively ethical in relation to Middle-Eastern nations, we, at least,  could act with enlightened self-interest instead of unenlightened callousness and a brutality that begs for blowback.

2 thoughts on “The Desperation State

  1. Hi Bob, The empty email was a result of me trying to sign the previous email but couldn’t, showing my lack of knowledge on how to do it. Cal

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