Victims of Their Fears

Victims of their fears,
so many white people want
brown, black, yellow, red
people to disappear,
to just stay away;
they want one more
Father Knows Best day.
Let’s see…
a white husband, a white wife
and two white children —
that’s four and no more.
Now it’s down to three…
a white husband, a white wife
and one white child;
that adds up to no retirement
for those three
because there aren’t
young workers to
help pay
for an aging population
in what is becoming a
no retirement nation.
Good grief, white people,
if you can’t endorse
from a field of moral force,
at least, see your fears
as misplaced against race.
Enlightened self-interest
is a better place —
immigration is good;
bring in the blacks and
browns (yellows and reds
already here) to the neighborhood.
let the US be fertile ground
to help whites get to retirement
while they are around,
taller than the grass,
and, at least for a few years,
retired while still above ground.

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