Sabbatical from You Know Who

I have exhausted myself writing about the absurdities, inanities, and illegalities of our present Federal Administration, Congress and the President in particular (and I used a capital P out of respect for the office and not the present occupant).

And I know I basically am talking to myself — a knowledge based on two realities: 1. external: there aren’t many out there who read my posts, and 2. internal: a growing realization that the focus of my writings is becoming way too narrow and the negativity is becoming corrosive on me.

My writings about the misadventures of the government have been in part prophetic (calling it for what it is from my perspective) and therapeutic (naming the issues, seeking clarity, finding hope, getting a bigger perspective, etc.).

And so, after this post and the poem below, I am taking a break from all things “You Know Who” —- for as long as I can stand it.

Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder
if the Veep’s truly,
authentically, con-
servative, evangel-
ical, Jesus loving,
religious wife, whom
we have heard doesn’t
truck the Occupant,
slaps the Veep upside
the head every day
before he leaves for
work for his cringing,
docile, fawning, ob-
sequious, servile sub-
missiveness to the
Occupant, and if so
maybe, we can only
hope and, maybe,
one day, if it happens,
it will pay off. What
do you think, Veep?
Silence…as usual
and then he gathers
his phony-baloney
made for the radio
stentorian voice
to sound profound
and everyone rushes
out of the room.

2 thoughts on “Sabbatical from You Know Who

  1. He revealed himself early on. Early on, I realized he was controlled by the nature of his privilege. Then, I realized he has so many followers who love him more with every sexist, racist, hateful remark he makes or action he takes. It makes me ashamed to be an American. There was nothing I could write or say that would change the mind of any of his adherents. Every day I hope those people will come to their senses and resubscribe to values of humanity, if not Christianity. You endured much longer than you should have. Now, you will be able to breathe; let go of the stress – Let Go and Breathe.

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